Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday already..

Wow! Only two more days until my next shot. I better enjoy how I feel right now. I pray that the first shot I took is the only one that will give me side effects. Well about to call it a night so until then....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today I feel so good. A little depressed but nothing my God can't take care of right? I started reading a book last night called downpour. It is to help guide you back to God if you feel you have slipped away from him. Just reading the introduction makes me realize just how much I have put between God and I. Well maybe after alot of prayer and reading this book I will be much closer again. Until then......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chemo.... What?

Well I started my shots on Friday night. The doctor said if I experienced any side effects they would happen 2-48 hours after the shot. Well about 11:30 I woke up freezing... We are talking electric blanket on high wrapped around me like a glow worm plus more blankets plus heat on 80 and still shivering. Could not get warm. Then Saturday morning I woke up aching and I had a slight headache. I took some Tylenol and got ready for Drake's basketball game. I stayed a total of 20 minutes and I couldn't take it no longer. I left and came home and bundled up, hit the couch. I was so miserable. All I could do was cry and hurt. My body ached like one should never hurt. Well on Sunday I woke up to feeling like a new person. I felt sooo good. I should have stayed around the house and just chilled but oh not me. I had to get out and see some friends. Then around 4:00 I felt like my body weighed a thousand pounds. I was so exhausted and so sleepy. I was in the grocery store and it took all my strength to hold a two liter drink. Well today I am at work and feeling okay, kinda tired so we will see if I kick chemo's butt or it kicks mine. until then????