Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ok bathroom is almost done, I will upload pictures as soon as possible. Now for the challenge. I am starting water aerobics tonight! Considering in South Ark is about 200 degrees I think this is the best excercise I could think of right now. I am drinking more than required on my water intake mainly because it is so darn hot and water really quinches that thirst. Well better than a Sonic coke making you wish for more than a small. So has anyone done water aerobics? Did you like it? I have a coworker who swears it is the best exercise and it only cost 2 dollars a time. I am so excited. How is everyone else doing with the challenge? I know the summer time is the hardest with all the ice cream, sno cones, etc. Good luck to all...can't wait to see the results on Saturday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sad Sad Ending....

I made the mistake of watching Jon and Kate plus 8 tonight. I know I am not the only one who was crying. Spoiler alert.... I wanted them to say they were going to focus on the marriage for each other and the children. I wanted them to really work at making it a successful marriage. I know that the fame tore them apart but I don't think it was all to blame. I feel that they got married young, faced with twins not long afterwards, and then 6 more kids. Anyone married with children knows how hard it is with one or two kids. It is hard to take time out for your marriage when kids take up so much of your time. I can't imagine. But at the same time I understand how they were excited about the fame that came with the tv show. Come on vacations, tummy tucks, hair plugs, money, recognition. It all can seem so unreal and exciting but it can tear people apart. I also think that Jon was upset because Kate was the "breadwinner." She wrote books, went to speaking engagements, etc. while Jon stayed at home. I do hope for the kids sake that their parents will act civil to each other and remain on friendly terms for the kids. I couldn't imagine the heartbreak they are feeling because just because they are on TV...they are real people with real hearts....

Happy Father's Day

Today we were exhausted. We spent all day Saturday in Fordyce at the softball tournament. It was so hot. I really don't know how the men did it. I was about to pass out from sitting in the shade. Well we came home and relaxed and then Hubs got up Sunday and worked all morning on the bathroom. Then we relaxed and went swimming and then he came back and worked some more. I am so ready for this to end. The other day I was in there "helping" him and everything seems to go backwards. He taked two steps forward and three back on his work.

But anyway back to my original topic... Drake the spitting image of Dad... made him a card.

Happy Father's Day... I love you...I know you love me too...Drake, Ryne, and Lori

Then he made my father in law a card... To POPO...Happy Father's Day..I love you...I know you love me too.. Drake, Ryne, Lori, and Henry.... so funny because anyone that knows my husband knows that he never goes by Henry...

To Hubs....Thanks for all the hard work you do. Thank you for loving each of us and taking care of us. I love the crazy things you say to keep me laughing. I love how you always know what I want to eat, drink etc. I love that you know me well enough to know when something is wrong and I don't have to tell you. Thank you for being a great father and a wonderful husband. We love you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on April Rose

I just read Angie's post at Bring the Rain and McMamma's post at My charming kids and the blog was a fake. So so sad that on that blog she would take prayer requests, etc and had many followers praying for her (b) and April Rose and people sending donations etc. I am saddened that she would scam so many and act like she was a CHRISTIAN. So sad...I think I will still pray for her for her to find her way....maybe she did bring some to Christ thru this fake blog.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bathroom Remodel/updates on April

I am not getting to work out as much as I would normally this week because my husband has ripped out the entire bathroom. Don't get me wrong we needed it bad but we aren't able to stay at home right now because of it. So I get off work and go to the house and see what I can do to help him. I try to fit in a walk on my lunch break as I can this week. I will try to post some before pictures, during and after renovation soon. Right now we are staying with my inlaws and I don't have internet access out there. Other than that everything else is looking good. It has been very busy at work. Our fiscal year is June-July so the month of June is very crazy. Oh also does anyone else follow B &D and little April Rose's blog. All of a sudden April is born and the blog is gone. Does anyone know if this was a scam or was it a real person. I hope it was a real person because I did pray for April's mom and for little April to be born alive and healthy. She wasn't suppose to be born alive but if so she wasn't suppose to make it. Okay back to work I guess..until then.....

Beyonce....Where did you disappear to?

Ok can someone please tell me where Beyonce's hips are. She was well known for being beautiful but not stick skinny. Well hello..... why Beyonce would you join the ranks of all the other celebrities and look so unhealthy!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on Drake

We went to Children's today and the specialist said all the tests look perfect. Drake is allergic to dust mites, and mold but luckily all that has been checked and we don't have mold and I use mattress covers and pillow covers for the dust mites and of course vacuum his mattresses etc. They also think that whenever he had a sinus infection he had drainage in his throat. He believes he has a habit cough because sometimes when kids get sick they think they need to keep coughing even though they are well. I hope and pray this is the correct answer. I totally trust the doctors at Children's Hospital and want this to be the answer so bad. As far as the challenge nothing really to report doing good. Didn't excercise today due to being gone all day but I will tomorrow for sure. I hope all the new Beauties and the 1st challenge beauties are hanging in there and doing good. Good luck beauties! Until then.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Challenge 2/ Update on Drake

I have officially started Challenge 2. WOW! I am pumped about this one also. I lost a total of 11 pounds for the first challenge and I did use all my cheats. Well my goal weight for challenge two is only 10 pounds but I definitely want to pass that. I didn't want to make it too high due to the fact that it is summer and I will be traveling more. I do like that it is summer though so more fresh fruits are out, watermelon is in season. Watermelon is my all time favorite fruit. This weekend my mother in law came over and we cleaned my house. We deep cleaned the house. We did all the windows, window seals, walls, vacuumed the beds, etc. I realized Saturday how bad I want a rainbow also. I really miss using one. Does anyone know where I could get one at around Little Rock area or Camden area?
Oh yeah...I am taking Drake to the pulmonary specialist tomorrow at Children's. I am hoping and praying for some results tomorrow. I am so tired of my son coughing all night and not getting any answers. I have tried it all. They have done chest xrays, all kinds of blood work and nothing is coming up. So please say a small prayer for him tomorrow that the doctors can find out what is causing this horrible dry cough. Until then.........