Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pissy Update........

Well I went to the doctor yesterday for my checkup. I am tired. I am frustrated. My body hurts. I am tired of saying I hurt. My new saying is I am doing fine. Why? Because I really don't want sympathy. I want to not hurt. This is what it feels like most of the week. My hands hurt to bend (dr. thinks its arthritis could be side effect from chemo or from crohn's), it takes me a minute when I stand up to walk correct, and my body aches. My body aches like I have the flu or I have done the shred with Jillian oh my... I am tired of hurting. I don't honestly know if I hurt worse because of the medicine or if I hurt because I keep going and try not to rest as much. I wanna keep excercising and doing household duties and working because I hurt bad now and I am scared if I stop doing this it will be worse. The doctor said it might be time to try to control pain with pain meds I don't wanna take this step. Why? I can't work, can't function on pain meds and I have a family, and I have family members who have become addicted to pain meds and I don't even wanna go thru that. I am pissy.. I turn 31 tomorrow and I feel like I am in a 90 year old woman's body. It has only been this bad the past two weeks. DR. M said yesterday that I was lucky these side effects didn't start earlier. Jan 6th is my last chemo treatment and I can't wait. Please don't get me wrong I don't want sympathy. I am grateful for what the health I do have. I know there are people out there fighting for their lives. I am sorry for that and the families. I had to get these feelings out somewhere. I don't wanna keep them in and let them explode on my family. Going to get a massage today and maybe just maybe I will feel all better.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on Kate and Challenge Update!

Gosh I just checked my updates on Kate. I watched this video of her if you have time please watch. Still so sad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0WlAGsOE3M

Challenge update....Well I am so freaking pumped. I have lost a total of 25 pounds since I started the first challenge. I never thought I would lose this much weight because I gained 80 on steriods and it has been a battle since then to take the weight off. I couldnt really tell except with my clothes on my weight lost except I saw a picture and I put them together of at work right before I started this challenge and now and I really see a difference. Heck yes... I really hope all the girls are doing good on the challenge also. Gotta go for now....until then...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kate mcrae and cancer


Please if you have a chance visit her site. It is so sad to know that everyday another child is getting diagnosed with cancer. I hate cancer. My dad died of cancer when I was 4. This makes you so thankful everyday for your children being healthy. I can't imagine the pain the parents are dealing with. Please if you have a chance say a prayer for kate and all the kids and families affected by this horrible disease.

no boundaries

I have really enjoyed reading the blog no boundaries. It is a blog where you can post private or post as yourself. Feel free to look at it and post and anything you wanna complain about, get advice about, or just to share that you don't feel like you can share on your blog because other family members read it. The website is www.noboundariespeople.blogspot.com

Challenge Update!

I would love when the challenge gets closer to the end for all of us to get together if not everyone then at least the AR beauties. I wanted to meet last time Tanna came into town and I had a to work. I would also love to hear any ideas on how everyone is doing working out while it is so darn hot outside. I have been doing water aerobics and I absolutely love it. I am trying to do anything to stay as cool as possible while working out. I don't mind working up a sweat while excercising just don't wanna be outside in 110 degrees if I don't have to be :)! Also I don't know if anyone reads her site Ree (pioneerwoman.com) she has alot of recipes on there also. Most of them are fattening but she started another site where people can add recipes also and I have found a few low fat ones I am going to try.
The site is www.thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/ I hope everyone is also hanging in there on the challenge. It is almost half over and you will definitely see results by following the rules. I never stuck with something this long but I feel like if I let myself down I will also let down all the other ones trying so hard. I know this has been a life changing experience and I have made some "friendships thru blogging of course" that I never would have made. I thank God for all of you. Ok enough rattling for now.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Well I have had a crohn's flare up for the past 4 days. I talked to my gastro doctor and it looks like I will be going in for some testing. I did the liquids for the past 4 days and it helped some but not enough. The only thing I am scared of is that I will have to be back on steriods. I don't wanna be on steriods because I gained 80..yes count em 80 pounds the last time I was on them for so long. I have been doing good on this challenge and I really don't wanna mess that up. So please say a small prayer that the flare up will go away and steriods won't even come out of his mouth when I go see the doctor. Thanks!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drake's 1st fish

Last night Drake and I went to a birthday party for my friend's little girl, Addison.

I should have brought a camera. Addie turned 3 and for her birthday we bought her a fishing pole. They have a stocked pond behind their house and the kids wanted to go fishing after the party. Should have known....we had no bait and Drake threw his line out there and will reel in back in screaming I got a fish, I got a fish. Well it would be grass. He threw it out in the water and was reeling it back in screaming I got a fish for like the 30th time and sure enough he caught his first fish. I took a picture with my camera phone. Very grainy but if you look to the left its Drake's first fish.

Also Addison doesn't really like to be dirty and she wore her sandals to the pond. She slipped in the mud and got one sandal very muddy and she didn't want to put on that shoe anymore. Here is how she decided to fish....her bare foot on her dad's boot; very sweet makes me want a little girl also....

and for a close up
Again I apologize for the quality of the pictures.