Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wow! things boys get into

Okay, Drake decided it looks way too cool to freeze his mini wrestling men into water and then let them thaw out and do it all over again. Well this time I caught him with a knive and I told him put it up, let the men thaw and I'll show him how to run hot water over it to thaw it out some more. Did he listen? N.O. He said ok. We ate dinner. He took a shower. Went to watch tv and I settled in for a nice relaxing bath. I got out and thought man I feel so good I think I'll call it a night early.
Well... while I was getting dressed Drake decided to sneak in the kitchen and try getting his men out with a knive. He cut his finger and tried to stop the bleeding by biting on his finger, trying to put tape on his finger, and grabbing a million rags out of the drawer. Poor baby!!! He didn't want to call me because he thought he would get into trouble for not listening to me. When he did call me he had blood everywhere. everywhere. He had it all over his mouth, chest, floors, cabinets, I screamed what happened. All he could say through the tears was I am sorry I should have listened to you I should have listened. I looked at it and took him to the ER.

cough....ahem...THIS MIGHTY FINE HOSPITAL..cough. we got there at 10:10 pm. We left at 1:30 am with 4 stitches in his little pointer finger. There were no emergencies while we where in there. I thought about waiting until the am and taking him to his doctor but when I showed it to our cousin which is a nurse she said yes take him to the ER. I felt so Bad for Drake. He was so nervous. He kept saying am I going to bleed to death. You know people bleed to death. I kept reassuring him he would be ok. He fell asleep and woke up to them giving him stitches. But something I thought was kinda cute while we were on our way to the ER room we past an older lady on a stretcher, they were wheeling her to a room. She had an oxygen mask on. So we get in the room and Drake says oh man next time just take me to a private hospital. I said why Drake. He said because didnt you see that grandma with that rag on her mouth. People are really sick and I got blood everywhere. Take to me the private hospital where people don't die. Poor baby.. So scared. When he did wake up while they were giving him stitches he saw the nurse had a pair of scissors in her hand. He screamed get those away they are sharp. I dont like sharp things. Lesson Learned!!!