Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Drake,

You are an amazing son.  You seem to come up with something new everyday to entertain everyone.  You know how to keep everyone's attention.  You did karoke at Magic Screams this year.  I was very shocked.  You don't normally "perform" for people you don't know.  You sang three songs and on the last song..Slow Ride you had people stopping to watch you!!!  Everyone was cheering for you at the end...You was really getting into the song.   You can talk to any adult and have them laughing at you.  You played soccer this year and you were great at that.  You played goalie the first game and I didn't think you could dive and get right back up the way you did.  AWESOME!!!  You were very very good at goalie.  I was a VERY proud parent.  I am also proud of your grades.  You have made all A's so far.  Now you are starting a traveling basketball team and I know you will impress me with that.  You also spoke at a birthday party for your "muh"  Ms. Salley.  You did very well.  I was scared for you because I didn't know if you would speak in front of 100 + people, but you did.  After it was over and everyone was standing and clapping for you, all I could do was cry.  Tears of joy for my son..I love to read your books you write.  They are so funny. You never fail to impress me....

I am so proud to be your mom! 

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